Grow is changing the energy industry.

The world today is powered by innovation, yet despite how much our society has advanced, our energy infrastructure has remained stagnant. The world’s energy needs and dependency on reliable yet polluting resources, such as coal and fossil fuels, has driven our planet to the edge of ecological disaster. Amazingly enough, despite the undeniable signs of our planet’s deterioration, there are forces that try to repel alternative energy solutions. And unfortunately, the leaders in alternative energy, such as solar and wind technologies, are still harmful to the environment to manufacture.

Grow Energy uses proprietary technology, world-class design and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create a new method of generating electricity with photo-bioreactors. We utilize an innovative distribution model driven by revenue-share agreements with our customers. This approach allows us to maintain the highest levels of customer experience and benefit, where clients enjoy virtually free electricity for their properties. We believe our operational infrastructure provides us with a competitive advantage compared to traditional energy utilities and alternative energy companies.

We plan to debut our first model, Verde, in 2014. Hydral, our hydrogen-based structural system for high density properties, is planned for release in 2015.

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