A Great Solution for Homeowners.

Consumers need an economical solution for alternative energy, because waiting 15 years for a return on Solar isn't an investment most people can afford right now. Verde offers a unique way to reduce your home or small business' energy costs, as well as your carbon footprint, for a fraction of the price. In many cases, Verde will pay for itself within 5 years.

Grow Electricity with Verde.

Verde is a cleaner and more affordable solution to traditional energy than solar or wind technology. Algae is grown inside our unique algae bioreactors, from the collection of solar energy and carbon dioxide. The resulting algal biomass is then burned to power an internal generator which creates electricity and heat. This process is 100% carbon neutral, as Verde continuously recycles combustion byproducts through its growth cycle.

How It Works.

Verde is an affordable alternative energy technology for residential properties and other individual buildings, a direct solution for today's environmentally-conscious property owner. Verde is configurable with versatile solar collectors and tubular bioreactors. A typical system is capable of producing up to 12,500 kWh/year from 2,000 square feet of bioreactors.

1. Collect Light

Light is absorbed by solar collectors on the top or side of a structure. The collectors, unlike photovoltaics, simply capture natural sunlight and transfer it via fiber optic cables to the bioreactor volume.

2. Grow Algae

Next, algae is grown within the bioreactor volume(s). The bioreactors are a controlled growth environment, and light is evenly distributed to the algal culture to optimize photosynthetic efficiency.

3. Create Energy

As algae grows and becomes dense, it exits the bioreactor volume and enters a combustion chamber. The biomass is converted into electricity for use and carbon dioxide to be recycled in the growth process.

Compare to Solar

While photovoltaic systems are the industry standard in alternative energy, the technology is actually very polluting to manufacture and extremely expensive to purchase. With Verde, you can power your entire home or office, without harming the environment or solar’s typical price tag. Additionally, we expect the return on investment for property owners using Verde to be only 3-5 years, whereas most solar installations see a return on investment within 10-15 years.

Where Does it Work?

Verde literally runs on plant life, therefore areas with ideal growing climates and sunlight are preferred areas for operation. Fortunately, with the exception of very northern or southern regions, the majority of the Earth receives adequate sunlight to maintain a high performance margin for Verde. And are you worried about cold climates? Don't be: Verde generates heat energy as it creates electricity, which can be recycled into the bioreactors to maintain an optimum growth environment.

Environmental Benefits.

Our technology is a pioneer in what we call "environmentally-beneficial" electricity. While most alternative energy sources can guarantee carbon-neutrality in their process, products like solar panels and wind turbines are still manufactured in a polluting way. Verde is unique in that it is produced and operates in an environmentally-beneficial way: our bioreactors are produced using materials such as bioplastic, and the energy Verde generates is stored in an eco-friendly way, the same way plants naturally store energy in photosynthesis.

What can Verde power?





Air Conditioning

Water Heating

Verde Combustion Power Generation

  • Algae Panels

    The Verde System revolves around our unique photobioreactor, what we simply call an "algae panel". Measuring 2.5' by 5', our panels are placed on the roof of your home or anywhere in direct sunlight. Nutrients are pumped into the panels from our generator unit, and by harvesting the carbon dioxide byproduct from our processing unit, algae grows naturally. Algae is constantly growing and harvested, through a constant flow of nutrients and algal biomass.

    Verde photobioreactors behave like natural solar panels. Encased in an aluminum unibody, reinforced by carbon fiber internal elements and high strength bioplastic, an optimum growth environment is created. Algae is grown in an aqueous solution to ensure harvesting can be performed smoothly, and thanks to a thin layer of superhydrophobic coating throughout, the panel itself repels the liquid mixture, preventing internal blockage of harvesting/nutrient pipes.

    Carbon Fiber
    Aluminum Unibody
    Electronic Sensors
    Interlocking Ports
    • What is Superhydrophobic Coating?

      Superhydrophobic means "water hating" (hydrophobic) at a high level (super). It represents a surface condition which has been attracting a significant level of interest from researchers and business leaders over the past half-decade. In one sense, superhydrophobic surfaces are the ultimate in no-clean technology. In another sense, they represent early payoff from some of the expensive research done in nanotechnology. These surfaces represent the outcome of following the “right” methodology for design of products – that of “Mother Nature.”

    • What is Carbon Fiber?

      Carbon fiber is a super strong material that's also extremely lightweight. Engineers and designers love it because it's five times as strong as steel, two times as stiff, yet weighs about two-thirds less. Carbon fiber is basically very thin strands of carbon - even thinner than human hair. The strands can be twisted together, like yarn. The yarns can be woven together, like cloth. To make carbon fiber take on a permanent shape, it can be laid over a mold, then coated with a stiff resin or plastic - which is exactly what we've done for Verde's piping.

    • What is an Aluminum Unibody?

      Aluminum is probably one of the most versatile and preferred materials used in modern electronics. Extremely lightweight and durable, we selected to construct our Verde photobioreactors from aluminum, and to simplify both manufacturing and operation, our panels are constructed in a unibody - meaning that we use a single sheet of aluminum, cut to size, and fill it in with our other system elements. Coated in superhydrophobics, we've extended the value of our design by giving it never-wet properties, eliminating the need to clean it entirely.

    • Built-in Automation & Sensors.

      The Verde system is designed to fit directly into your life and have a minimal impact on your daily routine - our clients are not responsible to manage the system, save for replenishing nutrients periodically. In order to achieve this level of automation, our panels are lined with small electronic sensors that constantly maintain the algae growth rate and environment settings, including heat regulation and nutrient supply. These sensors feed data constantly to the computer system within our generator unit, where through a user access panel it is possible to view and manage these settings manually - but we guarantee you won't have to.

    • Interlocking Ports & Mounting Equipment.

      Verde's panels are configured to be easily installed in a group of one or more rows, thanks to interlocking ports positioned around each panel frame - no screws or other parts are needed to effectively assemble a grid of our algae panels. On the back of every panel are larger connection ports, which lock into lightweight roof or ground mounting stands. Our mounting equipment allows for the position and angle of the panel(s) to be modified as desired, different than the angle of the surface they are grounded to.

  • Once algae has been grown in Verde's panels, it is transferred into the conversion chamber within the system's generator unit. Inside, the algae is separated from its liquid suspension, and treated with a new set of nutrients preparing it for the next step - our patented combustion process.

    While the separated liquid and remaining nutrients are recycled back into the nutrient pump, the dried and treated algae is channeled into the generator unit. Through a series of controlled ignition processes, the algae is burned inside the combustion chamber and electric energy is produced.

    The Verde combustion process yields a considerable amount of electricity which is channeled through a transformer into a building's internal power network (and potentially the external power grid).

    Once power generation is complete, the system is left with carbon dioxide and other byproducts of the combustion activity, all of which are recycled back into the panels for the next growth cycle. In this way, excluding the initial atmospheric intake of carbon dioxide, Verde is completely carbon-neutral.

    Nutrient Supply
    Nutrient Pump
    • Our Algae Nutrient Supply.

      Besides natural sunlight and carbon dioxide, the only ingredient our system needs to grow algae is a special solution of nutrients - think of it as "algae seeds". These nutrients come from NutriPacks, which will be available at your local home improvement store or provided free of charge with regular maintenance service. The packs are loaded and docked inside our generator unit, and the nutrients are stored in a holding tank, ready to be sent into our algae panels via the system's nutrient pump.

    • Our Nutrient Pump.

      Our system's nutrient pump collects nutrients from Nutripacks, as well as the byproducts/recycled elements from other stages of Verde's cycle, and pumps a fresh solution for algae to grow back into our algae panels, through pressurized carbon fiber pipes.

    • Convertor.

      When the algae is fully grown in the panels, it is transferred to the conversion chamber. In the conversion chamber, the algae itself is separated from the surrounding liquid and supplemented with additional nutrients in preparation for our patented combustion process.

    • Generator.

      Our generation process begins with a series of ignition processes that burn the algae. The steam energy created spins a turbine and powers a generator, similar to the traditional generator process. Our patented, revolutionarily efficient design minimizes friction and emphasizes energy output to maximize overall system production and efficiency.

    • Batteries.

      Following the generator step, the electricity is transmitted into the building's internal power network, while the unused energy can be sold back to the local power utility.


Thanks to the magic of superhydrophobic coating, Verde never requires cleaning. Instead, we've engineered our panels and our generator to repel all liquids, so nothing (theoretically) gets dirty - ever.


Verde only requires periodic replenishing of algae nutrients to continue functioning - twice per year. Nutripacks will be sold at your local hardware store, or are included in installation & maintenance services.

Support & Lifespan

Grow guarantees the Verde system will operate as designed for 5 years, however we will offer extended warranties for very customized installations. We will provide 24/7 support online and over the phone.